The stunning ‘Sea Of Hearts’ art installation will be returning bigger and brighter than ever before for the 2019 Newcastle Pride Fair Day on Saturday 24th August.  The ‘Sea Of Hearts’ is a community-built art display in the shape of a giant heart and made up of thousands and thousands of little hearts in different colours and sizes. Visitors to Fair Day will be able to either pick a pre-made heart on the day or create one of their own to help build a huge message of love and diversity. ‘I wanted to bring people together, build community and create an almost living representation of what diversity looks like’ creator Jay Bellamy explains. ‘Ultimately the message behind the display is simply to highlight the fact that we are all equal. We all have a heart and we all love with it. Love is love’.

The display at last year’s Fair Day was a total crowd favourite, not only for all the free rainbow handouts on offer, but also because the stall has a lot of love to share and inspire. People of all ages enjoyed placing their heart into the display and watching as the heart took shape with all the colours of the rainbow! This unmissable visual display of pride is one you can’t miss out on seeing!

Newcastle has a big heart and this fabulous display will prove it!

Come join us at Newcastle Pride Fair Day and show your heart off to the rest of Newcastle!

For more information contact Jay at: