Safe Spaces Policy

Newcastle Pride Inc. is an inclusive, vibrant and fun not-for-profit LGBTIQ+ community-based organisation established in 2018 to make Newcastle and the Hunter Region a safer, happier, healthier and more culturally rich place.  A place where we celebrate equality, diversity, and authenticity.

Research has shown minority populations within the wider community such as LGBTIQ+ identifying youth experience higher rates of bullying, verbal / physical and sexual assault, discrimination and marginalisation in the home, at their school or educational institution, at their workplace and while participating in sporting activities. This subsequently impacts negatively on their mental health, confidence and general wellbeing.

Newcastle Pride Inc. therefore sees the need to provide inclusive environments and Safe Spaces within the wider community as critical. A Safe Space is defined as; ‘a place where each person can express themselves fully without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe and where the rules guard each person’s self-respect and dignity and strongly encourage everyone to respect others’ (Girl’s Best Friend Foundation & Advocates for Youth: Creating Safe Space for GLBTQ Youth: A Toolkit, 2005). To achieve this objective, Newcastle Pride Inc. is committed to providing Safe Spaces at all our activities and events for all our members, participants, volunteers, supporters, exhibitors and members of the general public.




Newcastle Pride Inc. believes in the following core principles:

• Everyone has the right to feel safe and to have their physical space and emotional boundaries respected.

• Everyone has the right to experience a good time, free of judgement or harassment from others.

• Everyone has the right to express and live as their true authentic self.

• We should always ask for consent before we touch anyone or discuss sensitive or distressing topics. We should never simply assume our physical and emotional boundaries are the same as other people’s.

• We should always respect the different opinions and perspectives of others.

• We should always respect the personal decisions of others.

• We should be aware of our own privileges and acknowledge these same privileges are not universally afforded to others in our community. We must always think about how our words, opinions and feelings are influenced and who they might exclude or harm.

• We should always use inclusive language and be aware language and disrespecting a person’s identity (i.e. deliberate misgendering) can be just as harmful as physical abuse. If in doubt on an individual’s pronouns, simply ask! LGBTIQ+ people are usually happy to tell you what their pronouns are, and it will in turn, create a safer and more inclusive environment.

• Everyone has a responsibility to watch out for their mates, including reporting any instances of unwanted harassment or inappropriate behaviour as soon as they occur.

Newcastle Pride Inc. has zero tolerance for all forms of oppression, including racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, ableism, ageism, xenophobia and all other forms of discrimination.

Therefore, Newcastle Pride Inc. strictly prohibits the following behaviour:

Abusive, Discriminatory Speech

Disparaging, demeaning, humiliating or offensive remarks made about or directed at any individual or group based on actual or perceived ethnicity, cultural background, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or identity, age, disability, family or social background, physical appearance, religion, etc

Threatening and Intimidating Conduct

Intimidation, threats, or stalking; photography, or recording; unwanted or violent physical contact; or any other verbal or physical conduct intended to threaten, intimidate or coerce

Conduct of a Sexual Nature

Unwelcome sexual attention, objectification or advances; suggestive comments or gestures; requests for sexual favours; or other inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Inappropriate Content and Imagery

The display and/or distribution of inappropriate content and imagery that is graphic, disparaging, demeaning or offensive in nature.

Deliberately Disrupting Activities and Events

Disrespectful behaviour which deliberately disrupts activities and events.

Drug Use and Underage Alcohol Consumption

The possession and/or use of drugs at Newcastle Pride Inc. activities and events, including underage alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Newcastle Pride Inc. reserves the right to ask any individual who is violating the Safe Spaces policy to change or address their inappropriate or unsafe behaviour or language immediately. If anyone violating the Safe Spaces policy is unable to refrain from their inappropriate or unsafe behaviour or language and comply immediately, they will be asked to leave the event (without refund of their ticket if applicable). Newcastle Pride Inc. views neither ignorance nor intoxication as an excuse for unacceptable behaviour.

• Any other conduct that Newcastle Pride Inc. reasonably determines would interfere with its activities and events or the safety and comfort of its members, participants, volunteers, supporters, exhibitors and members of the general public regardless of whether such behaviour constitutes an illegal act under any applicable law or regulation.

• In addition, Newcastle Pride Inc. reserves the right to reject the membership application / membership renewal and/or ticket purchase to Newcastle Pride Inc. activities and events of any person whose criminal record constitutes a significant risk, or whose actions severely and/or repeatedly contravenes or undermines the Safe Spaces policy, and consequently Newcastle Pride Inc.’s core objectives to protect the safety and comfort of members, participants, volunteers, supporters, exhibitors and members of the general public.

If you feel you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Newcastle Pride Inc. Committee at the event in question immediately. Alternatively you can email us directly at All communication related to this policy will be dealt with in confidence.

Newcastle Pride Inc. believes we all have a role to play in the fight against all forms of bullying, discrimination, oppression, violence and injustice in society and by showing leadership and committing to the above expectations and standards Newcastle Pride and the wider community will be proactively fostering and encouraging full equality and inclusion to create a vibrant, connected, united, empowered and most of all, happy community.

This policy is subject to change as we adapt and grow our festival and organisation.