On Saturday, 2nd March, 2019, Newcastle Pride proudly and excitedly burst onto the parade route of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2019 Fearless themed Parade for the first time!

Ellen Jessica (choreographer) volunteered to lead the group and teach us a routine to a dance mix of Queen’s “I want to break free”, which involved practice sessions in a community hall. Anna Deegan and Rhonda Groth volunteered to organise the vehicle, our massive speakers and signs for the float. Anna and Rhonda madly assisted in dressing the float. On the big day, 80 anxious dancers waited and finally the call to take off occurred.

The whole group turned on their LED Newcastle Pride logo T-Shirts, turned on the flashing batons and marched off. As we turned the corner into Oxford Street, a sea of rainbow colour, music and thunderous roars from the crowd overwhelmed the group. The nerves quickly turned to smiles and elation!

The crowd was electric, cheering us on while we did our routine, waving and kissing people. The majority of the group were Parade virgins and had been a little hesitant but later said they had the time of their life. Can’t wait till next year.