Attention Newcastle Pride Community,

2020 has been a year full of unprecedented challenges, stressors and setbacks which tested communities, public institutions, businesses and organisations around the globe, and Newcastle Pride was no exception to this. With our local community’s safety firmly in the front of mind, we sadly postponed our planned 2020 festival THIS IS ME! until 2021. Despite this, Newcastle Pride has been hard at work behind the scenes and reaching out to our members and wider community in new and exciting ways.

1.  Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting

As a consequence of the COVID19 pandemic, Notice is hereby given that the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Newcastle Pride Inc (INC1800518) will be held virtually via Zoom on:

2020 Annual General Meeting

 Date: Saturday, 5th December 2020

Time: 10:00AM

Venue: Zoom Online Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 919 5224 3066

Zoom Meeting Passcode: 704655

AGM Agenda:

10:00AM Welcome

10:10AM Voting Closes for Committee Members Election & Special Resolution Motion

10:15AM Apologies

10:20AM Acceptance of the Minutes from the 2019 Annual General Meeting (attached below)

10:30AM Committee Report – Presented by Newcastle Pride President: Lee-Anne McDougall

10:50AM Financial Report – Presented by Newcastle Pride Vice-President: Ivan Skaines

11:00AM Other General Business / Questions from Members

11:20AM Committee Members Election & Special Resolution Motion Results Announced

11:30AM Meeting Close


2.  Notice of Committee Member Election

In accordance with the current Newcastle Pride Inc Constitution, an election to determine Committee Members will be conducted at the 2020 Newcastle Pride Inc AGM. There will be four (4) positions whereby nominations will be accepted for: Secretary, Treasurer and two (2x) Ordinary Committee Members. The Secretary and two (2x) Ordinary Committee Members will retire at the 2023 AGM, whereas the Treasurer will retire at the 2021 AGM due to this being a mid-term vacancy.

Candidates wishing to stand for a position in the upcoming AGM Election will require the support of two Members (known as a Nominator and Seconder). Candidates, Nominators and Seconders must all be current financial members of Newcastle Pride Inc at the date of when the Notice of the AGM is published (i.e. 05/11/2020). Candidates must also be aged at least 18 years of age at the same date.

Newcastle Pride Inc welcomes Nominations from interested Candidates for the above listed positions, especially those with the following professional skillsets to further expand and develop the organisation, and complement with existing Committee Members:

Key Committee Member Specialisations:

  • Website Administration / IT Support

  • Finance, Accounting and Business

  • Grant Writing

  • Policy Writing

  • Secretarial Skills

  • Marketing And Branding

  • Community Engagement

  • Media And Communications

  • Legal Services

Candidates wishing to Nominate for a Committee Member position should do so after reflecting upon their availability and capacity to contribute adequately to the Committee and their individual duties / portfolio areas all year round – especially in the lead up to, and during, the peak festival period (scheduled for August-September 2021). Committee Membership is a demanding commitment, especially as Newcastle Pride continues to grow exponentially to match with the community’s high expectations and demand for its services, events, and extraordinarily successful annual festival. Unless otherwise specified (due to mid-term vacancy) Committee Member terms are 3 years in duration.

If you wish to nominate for a position on the 2021 Newcastle Pride Committee, please complete the attached Nomination Form and mail it to the Newcastle Pride PO Box:

 Attention: Secretary,

Newcastle Pride Inc,


Islington NSW 2296

 Nomination Forms must be received by Newcastle Pride Inc by:

 12:00noon Friday 20th November 2020

Voting for the Committee Member Election and Special Resolution Motion (see below) will be performed online and will be available to all current financial members of Newcastle Pride Inc as of today (i.e. 05/11/2020). Voting will commence on Thursday 26th November and close at the 2020 AGM (10:10AM Saturday, 5th December 2020). Further information about the Candidates standing for the AGM Election, and details on how to submit your vote, will be sent to members once Nominations close.


3.  Notice of Special Resolution Motion: Proposed New Constitution

Notice is hereby given that at the upcoming 2020 Annual General Meeting of Newcastle Pride Inc, it is intended that the following Motion be proposed as a Special Resolution:

Special Resolution Motion

THAT the current Constitution of Newcastle Pride Inc be amended, and the proposed new Constitution attached to the notice of the meeting of the members of Newcastle Pride Inc, be adopted as the Constitution of Newcastle Pride Inc.

Should the Membership of Newcastle Pride Inc vote to accept the proposed new Constitution, this will come into effect at the conclusion of the 2020 AGM (Saturday, 5th December 2020). A copy of the proposed new Constitution and an overview of the changes is attached to this Notice.


Newcastle Pride Inc looks forward to seeing as many Members as possible virtually at our upcoming 2020 AGM, and the Membership’s continued involvement into the on-going governance and success for Newcastle Pride.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:


Please see below the list of attachments accompanying this AGM Notice for your perusal:


AGM Notice Attachments:




Newcastle Pride is excited to announce the following Candidates seeking election at the 2020 AGM (Saturday, 5th December 2020), and we thank them for Nominating:
Secretary Candidate:
Jay Bellamy
Treasurer Candidate:
Clara Stackpool
Ordinary Committee Member Candidates:
Emilia Slowik
Simon Tarrant
Jessica Page
Sallie Higgins
Matthew Sneddon


As there was ONLY one (1x) Nomination received for both the positions of Secretary (Jay Bellamy) and Treasurer (Clara Stackpool), there will be no ballot for these position categories as per the rules of the Newcastle Pride Constitution, and therefore, these candidates will be automatically elected at the conclusion of the 2020 AGM.

An election needs to be conducted for the category of Ordinary Committee Member given 5 Nominations were received for ONLY two (2x) available positions. Members will receive an email on Thursday, 26th November with details on how to cast their vote online in both the Ordinary Committee Member Election and the Special Resolution Motion. Voting will close on Saturday, 5th December 2020 at 10:10AM.

All Candidate Statements are available here: