Good Evening Newcastle Pride Community!

Newcastle Pride is proud to announce after conducting its 2020 AGM virtually (via the Zoom platform) the following candidates were elected to the following positions with their respective terms ending as outlined below:


Jay Bellamy (Up for Re-Election at the 2023 AGM)*


Clara Stackpool (Up for Re-Election at the 2021 AGM)*

Ordinary Committee Members:

Simon Tarrant (Up for Re-Election at the 2023 AGM) 

Matthew Sneddon (Up for Re-Election at the 2023 AGM)

Congratulations to all the successful candidates!

*NB: As there was ONLY one (1x) Nomination received for both the positions of Secretary and Treasurer, no ballot was conducted for these position categories as per the rules of the Newcastle Pride Constitution, and therefore, these candidates were automatically elected at the conclusion of the 2020 AGM.

We would like to give special acknowledgement and thanks to Emilia Slowik, Jessica Page, and Sallie Higgins for putting their names forward and engaging in the AGM process. While unsuccessful, Emilia, Jessica and Sallie have received the well-earned admiration and respect of the entire Newcastle Pride Membership and made Newcastle Pride all the more richer for their engagement.

Special thanks and gratitude to outgoing Committee Members Tory Curran and Joshua Yelds.

Newcastle Pride is also very pleased to announce that the Special Resolution Motion proposed to the Membership to amend the Newcastle Pride Constitution was overwhelmingly accepted and endorsed by the Membership (with 98% voting in favour). This therefore means Newcastle Pride’s Constitution has now been updated.

Furthermore, the voting participation rate among the Membership for the 2020 AGM was three times (3x) the rate of the first AGM in 2019. This clearly demonstrates Newcastle Pride’s commitment to promote active and meaningful community engagement is resulting in positive outcomes for the organisation.

The Annual Committee Report and Financial Report were presented to Members during the AGM and were accepted. You can read these reports here:

Newcastle Pride 2020 AGM Committee Report

Newcastle Pride 2020 AGM Financial Report

Newcastle Pride would also like to take this opportunity to formally recognise and thank The Owens Collective for generously hosting the Newcastle Pride Committee at their beautiful Showroom on Saturday in order to stage our virtual AGM in a COVIDSafe manner.

We thank all of our Members who submitted their vote online and virtually attended the 2020 AGM. Newcastle Pride is all the better for your involvement and engagement.

Jay Bellamy


Newcastle Pride Inc.