Good Evening Newcastle Pride Community!


Newcastle Pride is proud to announce after conducting its first ever AGM today the following candidates were elected to the following positions with their respective terms ending as outlined below:


Lee-Anne McDougall (Up For Re-Election at the 2022-2023 AGM)


Ivan Skaines (Up For Re-Election at the 2021-2022 AGM)


Tory Curran (Up For Re-Election at the 2020-2021 AGM)


Joshua Yelds (Up For Re-Election at the 2021-2022 AGM)

Ordinary Committee Members:

Jay Bellamy (Up For Re-Election at the 2022-2023 AGM)

Hellen Richards (Up For Re-Election at the 2022-2023 AGM)

Edward Abbott (Up For Re-Election at the 2021-2022 AGM)


Congratulations to all the successful candidates and we would like to give special acknowledgement and thank Ryan De Sanary for nominating and engaging in the AGM process. While unsuccessful, Ryan has displayed Pride to stand and put himself forward for consideration.

Special thanks and gratitude to outgoing Committee Members Sally Franco and Debbie Hansen.

Newcastle Pride is also pleased to announce the Constitution Special Resolution Motion proposed to the membership at the AGM was overwhelmingly accepted and endorsed by the membership (with a 94% final total of the vote). This therefore means Newcastle Pride’s Constitution has now been updated.

The Annual Committee Report and Financial Report were presented to members during the AGM and were accepted. You can read these reports here:

Newcastle Pride Committee Report 2019

Newcastle Pride Financial Report 2019


We thank all our members who voted at either a Pre-Poll session or at today’s AGM. Newcastle Pride is all the better for your involvement and engagement.

Geoff MacFarlane

Outgoing Secretary

Newcastle Pride Inc.